Have you always wanted to dance, but just not known where to start? Can you just not decide? I understand. This lesson plan is a smorgasbord of dance styles, let’s try it all!

For the socialite who wants a few moves for parties and get-togethers. Learn some basic partner dancing, fad dances and tricks to show off.

Parents have a lot on their shoulders. It can be hard to balance personal care and childcare, so I wanted to offer you a space for both! Come get a workout for yourself, and give your little one an opportunity to try dance!

Have you always wanted to be able to do a split? Touch your toes? Improve your balance? Learn a pirouette? If you have your sights set on something, send me an e-mail. Let’s make it happen together.

Do you or your kiddo have an audition coming up? A musical, a dance team? Let’s go over the basic steps you’ll see, and give you a leg up. (Don’t break it!)

Want to improve group dynamics, communication, and morale? The concepts behind partner dancing and the communication required from both parties helps coworkers bond and see relationships in new ways. I promise, its a lot more fun than the last conference you went to.