“I was thinking about learning some complex dance moves to impress the ladies on the dance floor - and I’m glad I came to Hayley! She makes you feel comfortable while learning new things and looking foolish, with lots of knowledge once you move up to the next level. Hayley is a great teacher and very friendly. Highly recommend Dryad Dance!” -Dan, 26, 2019

“Hayley is a brilliant dance teacher - learning dance from her feels completely comfortable, natural, and fun! While she definitely pushes you to succeed she always makes sure you feel comfortable and at ease. She’s great at tailoring her lessons to your unique skills and needs, and I think truly offers something for everyone. In the past I took a few swing and salsa lessons with a few different teachers but they never stuck and I felt out of my element when dancing. I felt like I just wasn’t a good dancer. When I started lessons with Hayley she assured me that everyone has ability, I just needed to unlock it, which surprised me. In the last month I’ve taken both Bachata and Swing lessons from Hayley and have improved quickly, much faster than I ever thought I could. Now I’m feeling confident and comfortable out on the dance floor with partners, which is a huge improvement. Dance is something that we should all enjoy, and I would say Hayley’s one of the best teachers I’ve encountered. I would encourage anyone to learn from her.” Alex, 30, 2019

“Hayley completely changed how I look at dance. Before going to Dryad Dance, I thought that dancing was a skill you were born with, you either had it or you didn’t. After a few sessions with Hayley I started to see that dance is a mentality. She taught me that I decide whether I have it or don’t, and the imbued me with so much confidence that I had no choice but to believe I do. Her patience and ability to break concepts down, made it clear from early on that she has a lot of experience with novice dancers. Never once did she lose patience with me, despite how many times I wanted to give up, or got frustrated with myself. She simply changed the way she was explaining it until I got it, really quick to catch on to how I learn. So I went from barely having the confidence to dance in a one on one session with her, to now going out to swing and salsa nights on my own. Not saying it’s easy, because she always manages to get the best out of you, but at no point did I stop having fun. For anyone thinking they’re not ready to take a dance class, please give Dryad Dance a shot. I promise you’ll have a blast, and at the very least, come out of it feeling a little surer of yourself.” -Allison, 27, 2018

“We found Hayley at the beginning of April and worked with her for a few months one on one. Bella just fell in love with ballet more and more after each lesson, and enjoyed being taught by Hayley very very much. She has dreams of becoming a ballerina, so I appreciate the hard work that Hayley put into teaching Isabella how to work hard and how to be a great ballerina. It’s been a great start and we would’ve continued with her had she not had to relocate. Bella really enjoyed Hayley and I enjoyed her as well, she was very easy to talk with and made both our experiences very enjoyable.” - Bella (10) and Burnadette, 2018

“Hayley is incredible, and so patient! My now husband and I are insane people and opted to get married in 3 months after getting engaged. Not only did she take us on knowing the small window of time, she did so knowing we were completely new to dance. She gave us so much confidence throughout our lessons with us and showed us our progress as the lessons went on. Both my husband and I had NO intention of continuing to dance after our big day, but Hayley changed our minds completely. I’d recommend her to anyone of any level. She’s great!!” -Hannah and Joe, 24, 2018